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    On the occasion of the International Volunteer Day, to all our volunteers, who are involved in the activities of the two of our Foundations with all our heart - THANK YOU!  
    The end of the year is approaching, thus we remind that people who supports the Foundation can benefit from the tax relief, and reduce the taxable base by the amount of donations given for
    In the yard of Edmund's House, Szymon caught the Kasisian basketball team during the training which consists of Prince, Lameck and Edrin.
    Owing to the microscope, Sister Mariola will soon be able to conduct a blood test for malaria!
    Visits of the parents of children who are in Kasisi is always a touching moment. Should poverty be the reason of separation of siblings or children with their Mom?
    Exactly on 11th April 2013 we signed the statute and began an unusual adventure.
    During the Easter, four new children arrived in Kasisi. They are waiting for adoption, get to know their stories!
    We would like to inform you that the third edition of the project "Make Kasisi rich" entitled UNUSUAL LESSON FROM AFRICA has just started!
    On Ash Wednesday, Szymon Hołownia has proposed you a very precise way of experiencing this day, as well as beginning the Great Lent on his Facebook page. 
    How the wonderful celebration it was! Just see how fantastic it looks like!