The project "Adopt with heart" gives you a possibility to makes one of the biggest dreams of every child come true - having a family. Each of our children deserves a happy adoptive family, to whom they will be important and special. Family, from which it receives real help and opportunities for a better tomorrow.

If you want to belong to such a remarkable family of one of our children, adopt him or her. Children need material adoption (standing order for any amount, the minimum cost of one child per month is PLN 50) and the spiritual adoption (periodic request for prayer for the child).

Adoption creates a bond. Therefore, we will inform you on child’s profile what is going on with them.

In a special gallery you can also follow his struggles and achievements. Your photo will be also able to be put in a virtual family album on child’s profile, so that the child can appreciate their carers. We have also prepared a solution for people who have a account on FB. It makes it possible to contact other people who have adopted the same child. You can together, like a family, talk about their needs and achievements of the child.

Join our Kasisi family.

How to do that?

Choose one of the following forms of the material or/and spiritual adoption: "Find your child", "Let your child see you" - "Take care of them spiritually." And then follow the instructions that are included below for the method of adoption you chose.


If you want to see your child personally and join its adoptive family by surrounding them with monthly material care, below you find three age groups into which our children are divided.

By choosing one of them you will be redirected to the individual profile of a child and you will be only one step from getting to know each of them. One step from deciding on whose adoptive family you want to join.

You can also find there detailed instructions on how to do it.




If you want to give the opportunity to a child who needs help the most to invite you to become their family, you are at the right place.

All you have to do is to make a decision to surround the child with monthly material care. A child who looks eagerly for someone with an open and great heart, because it is still lonely, sick and needs expensive medicines, it has just started attending a school or has discovered their passion and it is not possible to pursue it, etc. Perhaps you are the one.

How to do it?

It’s really simple - press the button below "adopt" and see which child is waiting just for you to join his adoptive family.

By clicking the button "adopt" below, you will be redirected to the form of payments, where you will also find out how you can upload your photos in a family album on the individual child’s profile and send us a link to your Facebook profile, thus obtaining the possibility to put you in touch with other people who already have started a family.

Once you join a foster family and would like to set up a standing order on your account or to make the next wire transfers, you can find all the necessary details on our website in the Contact tab.


I Adopt



Complete care of our children, does not restrict itself to the financial aid. There is another important way to express your love to the children. It is a systematic spiritual care that you can guarantee them.

You choose its form such as prayer, fasting, donating good deeds, Mass intentions, etc. and the duration, for one or more children whom you choose to surround with your permanent spiritual care.

Below you will find links to the three age groups, into which our children are divided. Having chosen one of them, you will be redirected to individual profiles of children and you will be able to decide which of them will be lucky to have you in his/her spiritual family adoptions.

You can also find there detailed instructions on how to do it.