In our house in Kasisi there are often emergencies that require urgent reaction from us.


Sometimes we need to buy an expensive drug that is necessary to save the life or health of a child. Sometimes it is about sealing the roof, which has just started to leak, or about buying a bed for a baby as quick as possible when just within a few days a large group of children find home in our hands. We need prayer very often so-called "Knocking on the Heaven's Door" for help that we can no longer provide.


Living in a community of 250 children, creates new situations over and over again that need to be handled. That's why we have launched our Emergency Department. We will inform you about the urgent spiritual and material needs that arise suddenly in Kasisi. We believe that thanks to you, they will be only temporary.


In the description of each case you will find a special list, to which you can append your signature, indicating your active participation in the "rescue operation". Do not let the list remain empty for too long. Here every second counts!


In the archives of urgent financial/spiritual help you can read more about the actions which are already finished.