How can you become a friend of Kasisi?


    You just need to get involved in the project of your choice from the home page ("Adopt with heart", "Ambulance", "Emergency ward" and soon - "Pantry for Kasisi") or specific actions that are aimed at various target groups, which we are launching  in the near future. ("Something for you")


    How can I get to the gallery?


    The help for Kasisi should be consistent and long-term. You should co-operate with us in a number of projects and actions, or you show a great heart once.


    This is our gallery of "Friends of Kasisi". In this way we want to appreciate those who love the children very much and who expressed this love in particular actions.


    Among the people in this gallery, look for well-known persons who also support our work in aid of children in Kasisi. For now, they still remain incognito.