Help James

to become a doctor – the 4th year of studies


We have collected 23559 PLN

On January 9th 2014 we started "Help James to become a doctor” project of purchasing charity shares for James’ medical studies – he has dreamt of becoming a doctor for his whole life. Unfortunately, Sisters are unable to provide for higher education of Kasisi’s children.  We have raised 40.000 PLN over four days – which is the amount necessary to pay for the first year of James’ medical studies in Poland. James attends the second year of studies at Polish school. The previous collections have made possible the studies for the two more years. James is a real eager beaver and so are we, to make him able to graduate his studies. 
For that reason we make one more market open – the market of charitable shares of the fourth year of studies for our James! 
The rules stay the same! We look for 4000 people, who will donate 10 PLNM a year towards this collection – this makes 0,83 PLN a month :)
. You can donate more – don’t hesitate, the money will secure the following years of our young doctor to be or we’ll found a separate scholarship for the medical books, his social and everyday life needs. 
I am opening 10 PLN monthly standing order today. James is truly worth it. We can paraphrase the proverb that our mission in Kasisi is to give the children a fish, but when we sense they need it, we teach them to fish.  This is a great fortune that because of you, we can satisfy such needs. 

James has stayed in Kasisi since his early childhood. He’s graduated high school and has always been an overachiever  with top school grades – and he has always wanted to be a doctor
. Due to the low financial state of Kasisi, Sisters can not provide higher education  to Kasisi’s secondary school graduates – James has decided to earn money for his education himself. He started to work as a scrub nurse at Coptic Hospital in Lusaka and put some small amounts aside of his salary, so that he could follow in Alick’s footsteps and start surgeon studies at Lusaka Medical University. 

Sister Mariola, though, thinking about James’ future told me once: “Let’s make James’ talents flourish beyond Zambian educational condition. What if we were to send him off to study medicine in Poland?” The introductory research showed that the schools had not been interested in providing a free spot for an African student, if they could get a full paid one from Norwegian or British students. That dream of James, has come back to my mind when I heard the way he had been looking after Frank in his last days – that he had been coming to Kasisi at night, between his work shifts at the hospital, so that he could take vigil by his dying friend’s side. He has been taking such a tender care of Frank that it  was obvious – it’s James’ vocation work with ill people and that we could not let it go to waste. 

The Foundation was searching for all the possibilities of granting a scholarship for James, but the Board of Foundation have decided not to wait and not to put the life of such a great boy into anybody’s hands and conditions, which will surely be given. We have finally started the collection towards the founding of James’ medical studies in Poland. 
The average fee of such studies in English is 40 000 PLN per year. The estimated cost of everyday life, university books and others we’ll try to found as a separate scholarship, possibly founded by someone we’ll try to find.

James stays in Poland, he eagerly studies to pass all the exams. He is a living proof of a Place, where battered by life children, can believe again that only "the sky is the limit!", that there are no such dreams, which can not be reached! 
For 0,83 PLN a month we are honored to fulfill a good dream of a person in need, who – without our help –  wouldn’t be able to develop talents placed in him. We’ll found him a start into a good and worthy life. What he will do with it – it’s up to him. This is the beauty of a gift – you give, having faith that the person presented with it, will use the gift the best way possible. 
We’ll equipped him with a racket, may he lift it off to the happy life!
Szymon Hołownia