On our website we invite and encourage you to become involved in the following projects, through which you can really change the fate of children in Kasisi.

Through the project "Adopt with a heart", you can make one of the biggest dreams of every child - having a family - come true. Each of our children deserves a happy adoptive family in Kasisi, to whom they will be important and special. Family, from which it would receive real help that would open opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Through the “Pantry for Kasisi” project we want to gradually increase the level of everyday life for our children. We want to better balance their meals and djust them to their developmental needs. The Sisters' dream is to be able to give them chicken three times a week (today, the children eat meat once a week), provide them with more vitamins and dairy products. They would like to be able to purchase special enriched milk for babies, who are brought to the orphanage with starvation sickness and require long-term specialized nutrition. The Sisters want to ensure that the sick children have proper diet and receive supplements adequate to their health state.

We have launched the "Emergency ward", which, as the name suggests, will respond to any "emergencies" of Kasisi that require urgent reaction (spiritual and/or material). We believe that thanks to you, we can overcome any crisis.

To commemorate Frank, an 18-year-old pupil of Kasisi, whose will and joy of life during the last week of the earthly journey was so great that on the profile of the Foundation he gathered thousands of people who accompanied him in his last journey, we have created the project “Francis Banda's Fund of Dreams”. Passing away Frank “stole”' the hearts of so many people to give them back to his brothers and sisters in Kasisi, often as tormented with their earthly journey as he was. The purpose of the projects “Adopt with heart” and “Pantry for Kasisi” is to save the lives of children. Through the “Francis Banda's Fund of Dreams”, we want to fulfil their dreams and compense for all that they have suffered in life.

In Kasisi our mission is to give children the proverbial fish, but we also have to sense  the moment when they need the rod. Therefore we have launched the project “Help James become a doctor” to fund medical studies for James, a very able pupil of Kasisi, who has always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but the Sisters in Kasisi cannot afford to pay for such studies.

In the ‘Laundry for Kasisi’ project which we have started recently, we collect money to build a professional laundry in the orphanage. There is a need to wash 300 kg of clothes, bedclothes and nappies each day. Until now, all these things were being washed manually in crude conditions. Building a professional laundry is not a luxury, but a necessity for sanitary and epidemiological reasons.