Somebody told me once about a clinic run by the Sisters of Mother Teresa somewhere in Niger, or in Mali. Mothers bring there their starving children every day and the Sisters decide, which of them still have a chance to survive and will get abag of special, nutritious liquid (extremely expensive and difficult to obtain), and which children will be denied it.

In Kasisi - thank God - we do not have to make such decisions. However, food remains the largest part of the Sisters' budget. It is not easy to find large donors who would be willing to sponsor it and make regular donations. Big companies, funds and charity organisations want to see a tangible trace of their contribution, such as a photo of new equipment, they want visible effects (and have every right to do so). Food is a long-term, yet not a spectacular project. What could we write a report on or photograph? How to describe the change made by the donation? Say that Rita might have got ill but because she is well-fed she didn't? That Joseph could go to school and focus more because he wasn't hungry?

 Only people with great heart and imagination may be asked for support in feeding children. People who understand that every meal they buy for one of our children may have a much greater effect than a hundred schoolbags or fifteen pairs of shoes. No piece of clothes and no equipment may be a substitute for creativity, good mood or health, all of which depend on balanced meals.

 By helping our children, buying better, balanced meals for them, meals adjusted to their developmental needs, you're imprinting their DNA, giving bricks of which they can build their desired selves every day. Just like they've been designed by the Maker, before the man came up with the idea that greed (today called forethought and investment sense) is better than sharing. And before he became blind to the fact that every journey consists of a million steps.

You, by supporting or Pantry, have already made the steps. You've already saved somebody's life today. Maybe you are willing to save it tomorrow as well. Again - I don't know who I heard this from - "It is the best to fight the evil world by creating somewhere a good world". 

 Thank you with all my heart.

 I would like my gratitude for your help to have a material form, that's why at the Foundationwe have prepared the possibility of e-mail contact with me called "Szymon's Friday Thoughts". Every Friday you may receive an e-mail in which you will find a few reflections I've had. Why on Friday? Because I would like the thoughts to be an inspiration to summarize the ending week and a motivation to use the last chance before the week becomes history and do something good for someone. If you decide that you would like to do something good for our children, coming back to our Pantry, to share the fruits of your work in a given week (for example by giving your tithe) or by making your Friday donation, I will be the happiest person in the world.

- Szymon Hołownia -

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