• A tenner for Michael's treatment

    We have collected 100%
    Michael is thirteen years old, and he has serious health problems - his physical development proceeds much more slowly than his peers'. This is reflected in his mental well-being, learning and relationships with peers. The examination carried out in Zambia did not give any conclusions. Thanks to the Kasisi's friends Michael has been diagnosed in Poland. Michael, a fantastic and cheerful boy, very bravely endured tests and he easily became the star of the hospital. The doctors have found the cause of the problem and prescribed treatment. It will be conducted (already in Kasisi) by Sister Mariola, who received detailed instructions from the doctors and will be in constant contact with them.

    The treatment is relatively expensive. The cost of the year and a half long treatment is PLN 12 000. So - in our standard units - we are looking for 1 200 people who would invest in Michael's treatment - in our favourite currency of Kasisi Foundation – “a tenner” :) Doctors are of the opinion that - if all goes well - after the treatment Michael will simply blossom. You, our dear members of the Kasisi Family, have already done such wonders. We believe, therefore, that we can do it again. It's an amazing feeling to be aware that we have contributed to a young boy's safe and sound life! This collection is an investment in his happiness and it really is within our reach! :)

    Szymon Hołownia

    20.01.2014 THANK YOU!!! The campaign has completed successfully - in just one weekend you fully funded a year and a half of Michael's treatment!
    Wszystkie darowizny, które stanowią nadwyżkę kwoty potrzebnej do finalizacji projektu "Leczenie Michaela" lub te wpłacane po ukończeniu akcji będą kierowane na potrzeby projektu "Adoptuj z sercem".