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    Great Christmas Party at Kasisi! Tickets at 50 zloty a piece, only 300 seats at the table!

    Christmas is a really holy time in Kasisi. Our students come back from schools all across Zambia. At that time the house doesn't accept guests. In Zambia, we don't celebrate the Midnight Mass. On Christmas Eve the children, wearing their Sunday best, go in a procession to the chapel. One of them (proud as a peacock, because it is a great honour) carries a statue of the Infant Jesus. Children first pray for all the friends of Kasisi (that's you). Then, the figure is placed in the Manger and finally the Christmas carols singing begins.

    The following day is one of the loudest in the year. After an early (about 11 o'clock) dinner, in the dining room, tables of cakes, drinks, balloons, caps and Christmas trumpets are prepared. Through the speakers we can hear Christmas carols (and dance music chosen by older boys). Each child receives a small gift (a book, a set for making soap bubbles, a deodorant, a pen, a game, etc.). Thechildren love this Christmas party – they can finally eat sweets at will, have fun, jump, dance, sing and fool around.

    Just a few years ago Christmas parties for children were organized by the Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka. With the change of the leadership the custom was cancelled. We do not really know how to explain to kids that since then they would no longer have to get ready (and they were getting ready very eagerly) for an exciting journey to places they could only see in the movies. Then the British Airways workers, who supported Kasisi for a long time, stood up to the task and every Christmas under the leadership of Barbara McKay they arrived with gifts and sweets.

    In October, BA closed the office in Lusaka so probably no one from BA personnel will come to Kasisi on Christmas this year. I have recently found out that the airport in Lusaka has just invited 120 kids from Kasisi to visit the terminal on the Christmas Eve. They will have the opportunity to go on a tour of the terminal with a guide and to walk inside the plain. There also will be Santa Clause with sweets.

    It is a great gesture, but we wish the children would have a lovely Christmas at their home. This year we do not have other sponsors, we only have each other. You. We want the Christmas party to be the event of the year. We dream to have a lot of sweets just on this one day. We would like to give each of our kids a small gift. Something that will put a smile on their faces and let them remember that every child is worthy of getting something for free. That a  child has the right to be loved, has the right not to worry about a thing, has the right to have fun and enjoy everything what they get from their family - from the Sisters and from you, because you are their family now.

    We already know your generosity well. So I announce to all and sundry a great collection for a Christmas party in Kasisi! We now have over 250 kids (but more and more of them come). We also have got mamis, Sisters and staff. All in all, at the Christmas table will sit about 300 guests.

    So we are looking for 300 people who, getting ready for their holidays, will donate 50 zloty to fund Christmas for one of the inhabitants of Kasisi. The following Monday I will personally go to conquer the “Manda Hill” shopping centre to hunt for some cool little things for kids. You may, however, donate money until Christmas, since we will probably buy sweets at the last moment!

    Do you want to see Agnes dance with Memo, Joseph and Isaac gorge themselves on the cake, Frank are enjoy cool gifts, and Theresa and Irene in their Christmas hats try to sing Christmas carols? Buy them a ticket for the big Christmas party in Kasisi! Or maybe one of your friends would buy a ticket. A friend who has never heard about Kasisi so far. Many of us still leave an empty space at the Christmas table. Maybe this year you would allow one of our children to sit down with you and be your guest (at a distance, but a very real one)?

    You will be able to follow the the progress of our campaign by checking on the Christmas tree located on the top of our page. It will be more and more colourful as there will be more and more people who have joined in to organize the Christmas party.

    Thank you for your good heart!

    Szymon Hołownia

    23rd December 2013 All the seats are already taken! THANK YOU! Let's celebrate!



    If you wonder how the Christmas Party was, we have the evidence that tradition had its way – the range of noise, joy and laughter was at the highest possible level!!!!!