Kasisi is seemingly a simple village hidden in the depths of the African bush. It is located between wide River Zambezi, concealed in tall grass, and the reddish brick-coloured road that leads to Lusaka - Zambia's capital that is almost thirty kilometres away.

In the Zambian bush, the life goes on of nuns and children in Kasisi. Children's Home (orphanage in Kasisi) is the largest orphanage in Zambia, which is supported by the material gifts of people of good will around the world and survives also thanks to the spiritual support of many others.

A constant, full of sacrifice struggle of sisters is taking place. They fight for every child. This devoted work, full of hope and a pervasive belief that it is important to live today with faith.

On the office door of Sister Mariola, the superior of the orphanage, the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta are written: "In this life in cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love".