• We've collected 100%

    Ratujące życie cudo jest już nasze!

    We have collected 100%

    Our campaign "Ambulance for children from Kasisi" has ended with a great success.


    Thanks to the generosity and great heart of several thousand people who since August 3rdspontaneously joined the ongoing campaign on our Facebook profile, in the two months we have collected PLN 115,000!

    All of them, now proudly looking at this life-saving miracle, can say IT IS MY CAR, TOO!

    Altogether, USD 33,000 was needed for the purchase of the ambulance. At the beginning of the project we calculated that we need 2300 people, each to donate PLN 50! For the first 300 people paid Szymon Hołownia. So we were looking for only 2,000 applicants, who would contribute.

    In Zambia, there is no emergency service. The hospital is 40 km away. In our house there are 250 children, a large part of them suffers from many diseases (AIDS, tuberculosis, anaemia, heart defects, sometimes malaria). It happens that even several times a week we have to seek help at the hospital. A healthy man wouldn't probably survive transportation on a Zambian road, on a mattress in a cargo van, nothing even mentioning a sick child.

    We found an ambulance that fits our needs. It has everything: a stand for a nurse, stretchers, oxygen, space for advanced equipment that we might buy someday with your help.
    On the right you can see photos of the ambulance and its equipment. Soon it will be branded with our Foundation's logo and a special inscription so that everyone can find out whose generosity helped this mechanical wonder to save the lives of our children. It is the first and so tangible evidence of our presence in Kasisi.

    Happiness that accompanies such moments is hard to express with words...




     On the right you can see some photos of the ambulance, its equipment and the process of sticking the Foundation’s logo on it. We placed the logo with a special text showing whose generosity enabled us to buy this mechanical wonder to save our children’s lives.

    To see how we managed to stick the right signs to the right spot on the ambulance, watch the video below.


    Szymon: Proper labelling of an ambulance in Zambia is not a simple matter. Private ambulances (because the state ones I haven't seen and there is no such thing as ambulance service) are very rare in Lusaka. There are about five ambulances but the regulations governing the signs, which are to be seen on them, occupy probably about ten files in some office.

    The ambulance, we have received from the seller, had red crosses, which, however, are reserved primarily for the military, (this mark is protected so that, in the event of a conflict, people would know that it is used only by those who should). In Poland we printed blue reflective stickers with a paramedic cross, the logo of the Kasisi Foundation and with the information that the ambulance had been donated by you (“Donated with love by the friends of Kasisi”).

    When I was with them on the spot, it turned out that the police has ordered to stop marking the ambulance with stickers, because on private ambulances the cross, however, might need to be green. Or blue, but without the snake. Or blue but normal, not like that. Or the cross should not be there at all. After two days of meetings, we were given the green light for the original version. With the priest Kazek Sowa, who was also in Kasisi at that time, we made a technologically complex effort and placed all necessary stickers on the ambulance.

    In the process heroically accompanied us beaming Precious and a Jesuit novice (and also a nurse) - Chiinga. After placing all the stickers, Kazek and Sister Mariola sat in the ambulance to carry out the signals test. Our ambulance has (according to regulations) four sounds. One of them (I had no idea that they are divided like that) indicates that it is the police, second, that the fire department (although I have never seen them here), the third - that it is an ambulance transporting a living patient, the fourth - the patient has left to the Lord. Sister Mariola has already obtained a permit as an emergency vehicle driver. And now all the police officers in Lusaka, at the sight of the ambulance, are happy like children and raise thumbs up in a triumphant gesture.

    This ambulance is also a mobile advertisement of Kasisi. This is the first and very real proof of our presence in the Kasisi Foundation. Thanks to it, many people who haven't had any idea about its existence will learn about the Kasisi Orphanage.

    And it's all thanks to you! Thank you!