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Isaac (Ishmael) 5 y/o

Birthday: 21.11.2015
With Kasisi since: 21.02.2017

Isaac and his brother, Abraham, were entrusted to our care by their Grandma. Both of their parents had died and raising the boys proved to be too much for her. Isaac has sickle-cell anemia and requires frequent hospital visits.



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MAY 2021
From time to time he has attacks of sickle cell anaemia and we have to take him to hospital. His grandmother used to visit him, but she has stopped coming. We do not know if his grandmother is alive, there is no contact with her.
MAY 2019
Isaac is a loving, quiet little boy who loves to cuddle and play with toys.
ATTENTION! The boy was hospitalized due to a serious condition. Isaak suffers from a nasty, hereditary, incurable disease, sickle cell anemia. The disease causes blood cells to either break down quickly (leading to anemia), or deform, stick together and, where possible, create blockages, causing pain, inflammation, and acute ischemia of organs, which may result in death. With Isaak, the problem at the moment is at the junction of the stomach and intestines. Let us all sit with him today spiritually and support the little boy as much as we can ...
APRIL 2018
Ishmael and his brother Abraham were baptized in Kasisi at the request of their grandmother. The boy is now named Isaac. He is very ill, sickle cell crises keep happening and he has to be hospitalized frequently. He enjoys pain-free moments.
JUNE 2017
The boy is a Muslim. His grandmother visits him regularly.
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A day of hospital stay

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