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Ophra 10 y/o

Birthday: 01.01.2012
With Kasisi since: 12.02.2014

Ophra came to Kasisi with her brother, Dominic. The children had most likely been abandoned by their mother. They spent their first days in Kasisi receiving medical care. With their cheerful attitudes and fun-loving, outgoing personalities they immediately won over Kasisi’s sisters and volunteers. Ophra is just as energetic and spontaneous as her brother. She is always on the go and loves the company of others. She’s a natural leader as well as a bright student with an excellent memory.


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JUNE 2021
She is in the third grade. She reads a lot. She dances in the liturgical dance group and often braids the other girls' hair. She is active and confident.
MAY 2019
Ophra is now in first grade. She likes to participate in the liturgical dances at church. She's outgoing, neat and organized.
JUNE 2016
Ophra is a very friendly, cheerful and independent young girl.
JUNE 2015
Ophra's hitting all her developmental milestones. She's in preschool in the Tigers group and lives in Edmund's House. She is a very good singer and a leader among her peers. Strong-willed and decisive, she always gets what she wants.
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Christopher Sakala Fund

We hope that Christopher’s death, which was an unexpected tragic event for the whole Kasisi, will kick off a chain reaction of good. Because of this, we started the Christopher Sakala Fund. With this fund, we support children being treated on the oncological ward at the hospital in Lusaka.

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