Sometimes, Kasisi is a place of difficult goodbyes with the ones whose time on Earth has ended. For some kids, Kasisi is the last stop on Earth on the way to the Eternal Home.As Sister Mariola says, Death of a child is devastating for me, but then I think that I can't love them more than God does, and the child simply goes from my hands to His.

Those who are gone will stay forever in our hearts. We tell them, 'See you, Dear ones!'

We believe that we will stay spiritually connected through prayers and love .


Francis came to Kasisi two years ago. He was sixteen years old and weighed 18 kg. His recovery, despite the bad health condition, was a miracle. He got back on his feet, came back to school, and put on weight. He was proud to get his ID. Recently, Francis started to feel bad. He was diagnosed with a serious heart defect. He had great will to live but it couldn't make up for his physical weakness. During the last few weeks of his life, he gathered on Foundation's profile thousands of people who accompanied the dying boy. He ''stole” the hearts of so many people to give them to his Kasisi brothers and sisters who are often as tormented by their earthly journey as he was.

Francis passed away in the early morning hours on January 7th, 2014.

You can read the story of Francis' life here:

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