Welcome to the sub-site dedicated to our oldest age group - students. Below there are profiles of children who are waiting for your adoption.

Next to every picture of a child, there is the number that indicates how many members their adoptive family has (material adoption). The number in the icon of an angel stands for the people who encompassed them with spiritual care.

Entering each child's profile you will learn more about them, you will look at the photo gallery, you'll be able to read how they are doing. You'll also see the virtual album of his family with photos of people who have decided to adopt him. There's also a place waiting for you.

In the profile of each child you will find a suitable button that will allow you to make the adoption of a chosen child (material and/or spiritual). By clicking the selected button "adopt materially" or "adopt spiritually" you will be redirected to a form of adoption, where you will also find out how you can find yourself in a family album on a child’s sub-account and send us a link to your Facebook profile, thereby gaining contact with other people who already belong to their family.

Once you adopt a child and would like to set up a standing order on your account or to make the next wire transfers, you can find the required details on our website in the CONTACT tab.

Some people say that happiness is the only thing that multiplies when it is shared. We believe, therefore, that the adoptive families of our children will be numerous, so that there are people whom to share happiness with, multiplying it in such a way that it is enough for everyone.