• House of Mercy, funded by You and Pope Francis – blessed and open!

    How the wonderful celebration it was! Just see how fantastic it looks like!


    Archbishop Julio Murat, papal nuncio in Zambia and Malawi in the company of priest Tadeusz Świderski, the Jusuit who is constantly supporting us, celebrated the mass – well-musically and danceably framed by our children. 

    Later, the danceably procession went to the new house, where we cut the ribbon and walked through the rooms. 


    We have built the house from scratch owing to Your contributions and donation which was given by Pope Francis. The holy father gave us $ 30,000 and the rest $ 70,000 – it was Yours and maybe a little bit our job!

    The house is beautiful. Twelve older girls will reside in it next week. They will have amazing bedrooms, bathrooms, work room, stove, a place for meetings and conversations, as well as spend time with their guests... In front of the house, there are rattan furniture, on the roof there were installed special solar powered boilers, on the walls there are pictures of Suwilanji, around the house Nun have planted plethora of awesome flowers...


    There is no words to express how wonderful MIRACLE we have built!

    Apparently, all arriving guest cannot believe in it, one of the officials, who saw our new house, said that he had finally understood that Kasisi is the only children care home about he knew, from which kids don't want to leave, and even when they do it – very often want to return..... :)

    Thank all of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We want to report the execution of the task!
    You can really be proud of that what you do!
    Great applaud for you!