On Ash Wednesday, Szymon Hołownia has proposed you a very precise way of experiencing this day, as well as beginning the Great Lent on his Facebook page. 

    By denying your meal and taking part in the lenten flashmobi, you made the Kasisi's Pantry totally full! Thank you!

    The main matter of the situation was to take part in the action organized by us and because of the Lenten Day, by denying yourself a meal - give it to the inhabitants of Kasisi. 

    From Ash Wednesday till today you have bought meals from our Pantry for a total amount of 18081,9 PLN!

    Szymon wrote:
    “Let our gastronomic renunciations to feed somebody today, let the fact that today we will have a little less force, make someone actually to have more of this power. Let the food even for a one day to be passed from those who (still) can afford it to those who cannot. And our feeling of hunger will become a tool to fight with the hunger of our brother or sisters.”