• Make Kasisi rich (Ozłacamy Kasisi) III – We are starting!

    We would like to inform you that the third edition of the project "Make Kasisi rich" entitled UNUSUAL LESSON FROM AFRICA has just started! Submitted so far educational institutions from the whole Poland have received the project materials, but until 16 June you can still join to it! Welcome!

    In this edition we want to show you from what side - over the years of the activity of our Foundation - Africa surprised us positively.It turns out that it is not just a continent that only needs our support. It turns out that it is not just a continent that only needs our support. It is just Africa itself which increasingly helps us understand what life is all about and how much we have. We want to show you this extraordinary "something" which Africa has got, and  for what we in Europe - seem to - miss very much. 

    We have prepared for you some special tasks: about human relations in Africa and the extraordinary creativity of Africans. We will show you a bit more about Africa than only Zambia. We will also reach out to the wealth of countries and the extraordinary histories of the people we have come to know through the work of our twin foundation - The Good Factory.

    You will see a lot of multimedia materials, read interesting texts and be involved in the unique and creative tasks! We also ask you to organize a great feast on June 16th, and a spectacular event within the framework of the 3rd Great National Finale of the "Make Kasisi rich" project. 

    There are two ways to win in the project - as quickly as it is possible perform our 2 tasks or collect the largest amount of money for Kasisi! It is worth to fight on a win – the main prize is THE PARTERSHIP WITH KASISI which is associated with many interseting surprises!
    The winning schools from the second edition have already received from us:
    - a framed photo of the children from Kasisi
    - a Christmas video wishes from the children from Kasisi
    - a Christmas wishes card from the Sister Mariola
    - a surprize gift from Szymon Hołownia – the painting made by the boys from Kasisi
    - a video with a report of hanging the photos of the winners in the Kasisi's canteen, dining room, the main place of the Orphanage
    - the book "How to do well" ("Jak robić dobrze") by Szymon Hołownia with his autograph
    - a CD with the African Christian music
    - a wristbands with the motto of the foundation: "Everyone has something, nobody has everything"

    You can sign up for the project by completing the form on the website http://www.fundacjakasisi.pl/pl/ozlacamy,  and all of your questions, doubts, reports, photos and information, please send to: [email protected]