• New children in Kasisi! Welcome!

    During the Easter, four new children arrived in Kasisi. They are waiting for adoption, get to know their stories!

    Justin is 15 years old. He has got a family, and they are pretty cool and love him very much. The only thing is that they are not quite able to cope with his illness. Justin – the same as our Franek – has got AIDS disease and tuberculosis, and he has never taken any medication, because no one had explained to him why he should do it. It was said that – without any bad intentions – that they are necessary in order to help him grow up and he replied that he no longer  want to grow  and he didn’t take the medication. In Kasisi, after the conversations with Sister Mariola, he begun to take all medicines and he is still doing it with a great zeal, he revealed his enormous will of life! For sure, as his medical condition will be fully stabilized, he will be able to return to his family which loves him very much, although it may be important to help them to "organize" care of Justin.


    Gift and Emmanuel are going to stay with us for a longer time. Their mom has got her own huge problems and she was not able to take any care about them, she was living together with them under a tree. Social care directed the children to us. For the first few days little boys were scared and they were crying all the time, but now they are already cheerful, satisfied of good food, place to sleep and the most because of many new friends and colleagues!

    Blessing was abandoned by her mother under some gate in Lusaka. The police found her mother, but it turned out that she was also unable to cope with the upbringing of the child due to illness and other troubles. Blessing is also seriously ill and requires a specialized medical care. Of course, we are going to provide it to her, just like in another cases  of our children who are struggle with some disease.