Owing to the microscope, Sister Mariola will soon be able to conduct a blood test for malaria!

    It is great that we have the House Of Hope, in which it is the ultrasonograph (USG), the mini lab, the electrocardiogram (EKG), the ambulance. And now also the microscope, which Sister Mariola - after the specialist course - will be able to do more reliable blood test. Thank you to all Cassisans who paid for it, especially Mrs. Małgorzata Cebrat, who convinced us that we can do it :)

    Our HOH is notoriously useful to the small patients.

    Little Anastazja is sick again. The girl has vomited all night and had diarrhea, which in the context of such a weak body immediately have decreased her weight. Doctor Ola examined her carefully and found abundant purulent spills in her ears, so she goes to the hospital today to draw her blood (which with such body mass is a challenging task) and the beginning of another antibiotic therapy … How important is to start treating HIV and tuberculosis early enough, and do it regularly …

    Yesterday Sandra came back from school with a high fever, she immediately was sent to HOH, the Sister drew her blood, we made all tests and we implemented the adequate treatment and everything will be OK.


    But there are times when all the equipment we have, all the doctors we can find in Zambia (and Anastasia can not be transported to another place) are insufficient. There is a need of another kind of support...Please, pray for Anastazja, and remember about her ...