• Our foundation has got already four years!

    Exactly on 11th April 2013 we signed the statute and began an unusual adventure.

    It is unusual for several reasons. Firstly, we entered another, full of joy and smiles world. Secondly, we have created a unique space for You to share joys and sorrows, care and success. Thirdly, by the act of building a bridge between Zambia and Poland, we have seen how great, willing to help and open are your hearts. They have just passed four years. The passage of time is the best seen on the faces of our children. It is seen after their smiles, new opportunities and the fact that their home is constantly changing, as well as their chances. Owing to You the young people enter a completely different world than the one that was available to them few years ago. Sisters have new tools, they can better diagnose children, provide them the best care, send to the dream schools, take on trips, give them the new impressions which are quite contrary to those with which they started their lives.


    Owing to the project the Pantry for Kasisi, we have changed the diet of our children in order to help them to feel healthier, the Dream Fund makes us all have tears in eyes when we see the sincerity and the unmistakable joy of the children during their first trip to the cinema. Beside the financial support our project Adoption with the heart, which is necessary to provide the maintenance to the Home, as well as to deal with the basic needs of the kids, makes children to feel Your presence and know that they have Friends in Poland and that they are not alone and someone completely disinterestedly wants them to feel better. This is all thanks to you and the great work on development which is done by the Sisters on the spot. The Children's Home in Kasisi is nowadays the best of its kind in the country. It is also the model one which is presented by the authorities to other orphanages.


    For these four years we want to thank You very much! And because we like to celebrate with the fantasy, You are welcome to do the same today. So what, instead of traditional candles on birthday cake, today we will light up all bulbs in Kasisi? :)