In the yard of Edmund's House, Szymon caught the Kasisian basketball team during the training which consists of Prince, Lameck and Edrin.

    "With the ball they are coping with (especially Lameck) a lot better than me (although it is not a good compliment, because I completely don't deal with it :).

    Prince has recently revealed another of his talents: he is a pretty good musician! :)

    As you know, our children have had regular weekend classes with a painter, sculptor, and now with the young musician who has just joined to us, a graduate of the best schools in Zambia and South Africa, who comes every Saturday and teaches our kids the sensitivity to sounds and how they can produce them in a harmonized way :)

    The group is currently practicing how to play on keyboards, but the teacher has decided that three musicians: Prince, Dominic and little Eliza, are able to start the violin classes because they have predispositions to do it!

    So what are we doing? Of course: we are buying violins! :) The proper one (in appropriate seize) it's possible to buy in Lusaca for about $ 200, so the Sister Mariola will purchase is (I think that three instruments at once), and if it turns out that one of our children is going to take part in the Wieniawski competition - well, then we will announce the collection of money for a serious instrument !!! " :)