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    (10.10.2013) We need your support. We're trying to save Frank. The prognosis is unfavourable, but a miracle might occur. We start from a psychiatrist - psychotherapist and a cardiologist. We are looking for the cardiologist in Poland, the psychiatrist - psychotherapist is in Lusaka. The cost of the visit is $ 80. In other words, we need five people who each will give Frank PLN 50 to Frank. We will then pay for one consultation. He needs about ten consultations.


    Frank's story you already know. He came to us exactly two years ago. The hospital discharged him to die in Kasisi “surrounded by love” (as the doctors said). Frank was 16 years old then, he weighed 18 kg. He was a bundle of nerves and one big pain. AIDS and complications had devastated him almost completely. He could not eat, sleep, did not even have the strength to cry, we couldn't find appropriate veins to prick. Everybody looked after him, realizing his every whim (and he changes his wishes all the time. Once, he wanted chicken, next time a disc with music from Botswana and a minute later he wanted a chocolate.


    After a few days we realized that he throws away his medications. He did not want to live. I remember when Sister told him “You want to die? Fine, but I will not let you die here. If you dream of it so much - go back to the hospital immediately.” That day something broke in Frank. For the first time in his life he saw that someone cared for him. In the last two years he has become a walking angel. He is 18 now, he goes to school (which he neglected a long time ago), he has put on weight and reached 30 kg, he has made friends with his peers.


    A few months ago he had problems with breathing (due to cardiomyopathy). Frank's condition deteriorated, more and more often he had to aid himself with oxygen (we quickly bought him an oxygen concentrator, and then a spare one). His mental health deteriorated as well and he became very withdrawn. I suspected that he simply had fallen in love and was ashamed of his illness in front of the girl and peers. The problem turned out to be more serious. Frank was depressed, he stopped taking his medications and his condition deteriorated dramatically. During my last visit I said a prayer again with him and for him. The following day - when we learnt what was going on - he had another difficult conversation with sister Mariola. He began to take medications, even joking, but he is still very unstable. It is a gleam of hope, which at any moment can be put out by barely a breeze.


    Starting next week, we will send Frank for a specialized treatment. We want to help him stabilize his emotions and find the strength to fight the suffering. Each such visit costs $80 (this is the price in Lusaka), and we anticipate that we will need about 10 of them. Each visit is thus about five people who contribute to our Foundation PLN 50. The cardiology consultations will be made in Poland. We will inform you about the progress on this issue.


    No amount of money goes to waste, because in the queue to the Emergency Ward is Doris (she has been unwell for a few weeks and today it turned out that her liver is in very bad condition), as well as Michael, for whom we will have to fund tickets for a flight to Poland to have him examined (and probably we will have to pay very high bills here). It is so good that an ultrasound scanner will be brought to Kasisi soon and we will be able to detect such conditions on a regular basis and not ask for anyone's mercy ...


    The funds from adoption (I am also the adoptive family of Frank) support the costs of daily treatment (Franek alone takes a dozen of pills every day). In the emergency situations Sisters have to pay from the home money (for repairs, food, etc.). So please - Help Frank -... and really, really pray for him.


    Next to description you will find a button ‘Donate’ which is a quick and easy way to make a donation (you will find there as well the account number and all the details required to make a wire transfer – in a bank or in a post office).

    If you decide to donate some money to help Francis, please do not hesitate to add your name to the list below, to make us feel that we are together, to show how many of us have joined in and how stronger we are growing while watching over him. He really needs to see now that he is not alone.

    Szymon Hołownia


    (01/07/2014) Frank's will of life was great, but his weakened body didn't follow. Francis died in the morning on 7th January, 2014. For the last week of his life he gathered around him on the profile of the Foundation thousands of people who accompanied him when was passing away. He “stole” the hearts of so many people to give them back to his brothers and sisters in Kasisi. To the other children, often as tormented with their earthly journey as he was.


    Thank you for all your prayers and support shown our Francis during the Foundation’s activity. After his death, all donations received through the Emergency Ward have been forwarded to the account of ‘Francis Banda’s Fund of Dreams.’