Africa and our logo are full of vivid colours. We have prepared something really special for users of “The Pamperer” – the loyalty programme called JOYFUL & COLOURFUL. Every time you do the shopping, you make our children’s dreams come true. What is more, you can collect the points and exchange them for fantastic rewards connected with our Foundation or things which are prepared by our talented children.

    Pamper yourself and Kasisi’s little residents  :) To sign up to the loyalty programme, make a payment (press the button “Donate” on The Pamperer’s  home page), tick the corresponding box: I want to take part in the loyalty programme of “The Pamperer”.

    More details below and in the regulations of our programme.




    1. Every time when you take part in the loyality programme, you should tick the corresponding box: I want to take part/I take part in the loyality programme „Joyful & Colourful.“ Only in this way, the points earned in another transaction will be correctly added to the pool so far accumulated by you.
    2. Every 1zl donated to The Pantry gives you 10 points. So spending 10zl gives you 100 points.
    3. In the beginning, during your first donation to The Pamperer, you get extra 500 points.
    4. We double the number of points gained in a transaction that is made before the expiry of seven days of the previous payment.
    5. We will give you extra 400 points when you donate money four times during a month (30 days). The donated sum of money must be at least 50zl
    6. We will give you extra 500 points per month for a standing order or for making a transfer every month on the same day. The sum of money which is donated must be at least 50zl.
    7. We sometimes organise „ days of the bonuses“. On those days we will double the number of points if you donate to The Pamperer. The information about „days of bonuses“ can be found on our website and Facebook profile.
    8. Special offers do not combine


     When you make a payment on The Pamperer (click “Donate” on the home page of the project “The Pamperer”) and tick the corresponding box: I want to/I take part in the loyality programme “Joyful & Colourful”, you will get an e-mail of thanks and the information about the number of points in the loyality programme which corresponds to the amount of money you have already paid. The points will be added to the pool when the money is on our bank account.(when you make a wire transfer e.g. in a bank or in a post office, it can last a few days).
    Every Monday, you will get an e-mail with details about the number of gathered points (all points had been already added up and now they correspond to the amount of money you have paid and the number of points you have received by meeting some extra conditions. More information you can find in “Rules of collecting points”). What is more, the e-mail will contain the information about the prizes that you can get for your points.


    There is an application form below. When you collect the number of points which will let you receive a gadget or gadgets (the number of points that corresponds to each gadget can be checked above, click on “Prizes”) fill in the application form by giving your personal data, number of points you want to exchange for the prizes and then choose the gadget or gadgets which you would like to receive. By pressing the button “CTRL” and clicking on the prizes, you can choose a few prizes at the same time. After completing the form, click on “Send”. Within 21 days, we will send you a prize to the address indicated in the form. Shipping costs are paid by the Foundation.

    Change your points to prize

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