The Pamperer of Kasisi

Why is this „The Pamperer”?  Because this is the place where we will pamper our dear children. Doing so, we will dissolve the evil that has clung to them before they got to this healing place, which Kasisi is.  

 The life of a child is not only the food or medicines. It consists also of his dreams, a joyful play, creative and interesting way of spending the free time – all the small pleasures.  Thanks to all the permanent Kasisi Foundation’s donors, the participants of Adopt with a Heart project, the clients of the Pantry or Garage projects – we are able to provide for the children’s basic needs every month. . 

 „The Pamperer” is a continuation of Francis Banda’s Found of Dreams and developing its idea. It will be up to you what kind of pleasure our children will be granted: either we take them for a trip, buy some books, movies, mascots, educational board games, paints or buy them driving license course (which could be great fun, but also a chance of good future work for the boys or girls). The Found of Dreams’ web page will still be the sight for detailed trips’ reports and of the children’s smiles caused by all the dreams fulfilling.

Visit „The Pamperer” often and we will, as often as we can, show You the shining smiles of our children! Our children deserve everything that all the world’s children do. The childhood. 



Africa and our logo are full of vivid colours. We have prepared something really special for users of “The Pamperer” – the loyalty programme called JOYFUL & COLOURFUL. Every time you do the shopping, you make our children’s dreams come true. What is more, you can collect the points and exchange them for fantastic rewards connected with our Foundation or things which are prepared by our talented children.
Pamper yourself and Kasisi’s little residents :) To sign up to the loyalty programme, make a payment (press the button “Donate” on The Pamperer’s home page), tick the corresponding box: I want to take part in the loyalty programme of “The Pamperer”.
More details below and in the regulations of our programme.

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