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The funds donated by you within the "Adopt with heart" project are meant to satisfy the most basic needs. However, we would like to gradually increase the level of life of our children. In order to do that, we have launched another project, "Pantry for Kasisi". Its aim is to better balance the children's diet and adjust it to their developmental needs. The Sisters' dream is to be able to feed the children with chicken three times a week (they eat meat once a week now), provide them with more vitamins, dairy products, buy special, enriched milk for the Babies, who usually come to the orphanage suffering from the starvation sickness and require long-lasting special diet. The Sisters would like to make sure that the sick children have appropriate diet and supplements adjusted to their condition.

Below we present the products usually used in the kitchen in Kasisi and the ones most needed. By clicking on each of them, thanks to the pictures, descriptions and videos, you can learn how they are used. The products are constantly needed in Kasisi's pantry. Help us fill it up, so that the Sisters can prepare balanced meals for our children every day. You can make a single donation, but we encourage you to make a standing order of any amount for monthly shopping.

Clicking on the picture with a selected product, you will learn how much it costs. By marking "+"/"-", you will be able to check how many portions of a given product will appear in our Pantry for the amount you are planning to donate. In the window called "value of products" you can control the amount of money you would like to donate for the food for our children.

The children have prepared a great deal of surprise thanks. What kind? You will learn by supporting us (to do this, click the "Donate" button below). After making the payment you will receive a special e-mail with exceptional thanks. Each donation is a chance for a different, randomly selected surprise.


Fresh fruit

Fruit are one of the most delicious source of vitamins known all over the world. We’ve got a lot of ill children in Kasisi. Some of them are exhausted and hungry when they come to us. Balanced diet is a chance for them to recover and have a happy childhood.


Product cost: qty.

Peanut butter

Peanuts are main ingredients of African dishes. Only in Africa you can see so many ways of preparing food with peanuts. That’s great! Peanuts contain nutritional values. They are rich in proteins so products which contain peanuts play a really crucial role in children’s diet. Peanuts are their favourite snack and they are treated as a reward. Give our children more health joy!


Product cost: qty.


It’s obvious that honey is healthy. It’s one of the best products which is given by the nature. It contains simple sugars and vitamins that are absorbed by our bodies. The nuns often use honey as a medicine. Moreover, it’s so delicious both on a sandwich and in tea… yummy !


Product cost: qty.


Jam is produced from seasonal fruit. It preserves the taste of fresh fruit for a long time. It contains a lot of vitamins (especially vitamin C) which is vital for healthy growth of our children. What is more, the vitamins protect from diseases. Pancakes with jam might be a great dish in Kasisi’s canteen.


Product cost: qty.

Cold meats

The nuns are faced with the problem connected with lack of proteins in food. Recently, we have provided some meat for dinners, however it is a very rare situation. To solve this problem, we have an opportunity to serve our children sandwiches on which there are some cold meats. It’s a traditional breakfast in Poland but for our children it’s an unusual situation. Give them a chance to grow up in a health way!





Product cost: qty.


Cheese is both rich in vitamins and gives you a lot of energy. It’s a perfect source of calcium which is important for children and teenagers while they are growing up. It can be served on sandwiches or the ingredient of some meals.





Product cost: qty.


Children need vegetables a lot and repu is one of them. Processed leaves of repu might be mistaken for spinach. They are quite similar in taste, too. As a matter of fact, repu tastes like a mix of spinach and cabbage. It is grown in Kasisi garden, but the crops are like a drop in the ocean to feed 250 children. That's why the greens have to be brought from a farm.

Product cost: qty.


Known probably at all latitudes. They are practically no different from the Polish ones, although some claim that a Polish tomato picked in the middle of the summer has no equal. Like in our cuisine, tomatoes in Africa are eaten raw, processed and serve as a base for sauces and soups.

Product cost: qty.


Nshima is most important on the plate. This pulp made of corn flour, which looks like potato purée and tastes like overcooked rice is as important in this part of Africaas potatoes to match a pork chop in Poland... even more important: a Zambian, if asked right after a lavish meal in an Italian restaurant whether he's eaten dinner, will say "Of course not!" Everybody is extremely fond of nshima here in Kasisi.

Product cost: qty.


Bananas are no delicacy in Africa. They grow and bear fruit all year long without any special care. This is why they are an important element of African diet. They look and taste different fromthe Polish ones because they do not ripen in containers, packed in hermetic plastic bags and sprayed with chemicals. They can wait on trees to be picked. Nobody is concerned with their shape and shade of yellow. They taste great and are appreciated by the inhabitants of the orphanage every day. Pre-schoolers get them as their tea between running after footballs and having fun on the swings.

Product cost: qty.


Seems to be nothing special. Various parts of chickens appear frequently on Polish tables in all forms: from chicken soup with noodles to five-spice chicken prepared in a wok. In Kasisi, even though it is very desirable, chicken is a rarity on canteen tables - due to high price it is served only once a week. It is much too seldom for growing children.

Product cost: qty.


One 50kg sack of rice is not enough for long. New ones have to be opened every few days. To differentiate the menu, rice is served in place of nshima. It is prepared with no seasoning, just cooked. It is the basis of a meal. Supplemented with beans in sauce it disappears from the plate not by spoons, forks or chopsticks, but eaten with fingers. Cutlery is not a necessity for it to taste great.

Product cost: qty.


For all those who financially support our Pantry, we have prepared a special loyalty programme called "Something good for everyone". You contribute to our children's getting "something good" on their plates and we have ensured that you get "something good", too, which will remind you of Kasisi, bring a smile to your face or evoke good associations with Africa.

For the money donated for the Pantry, you will be able to receive points, collect them and exchange for gadgets connected with Kasisi, Zambia and our Foundation and for the Statuses in the special offer Big Five. Within the programme, we have prepared many interesting options.

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