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    Dear Madame and Sirs,  we would like to inform that since 25th October the set of rules of „Celebrate with us” project has changed.
    The children are still coming. It is highly possible, that we’ll be asked to accept the refugee children to Kasisi.   KASISI asks for your help! 
    What’s new about James? How is he doing at the university? We’ll share some fresh news with you. 
    We’ve joined Idea Fair Play – a platform , which offers insurance of the big gest Polish Insurance Companies.  
    We’d like to celebrate this day by doing as much goodness there is to be done,  for our African children!
    Due to coupons distributed amongst schools and kindergartens we have raised a significant sum of money for the House in Kasisi!
    16th June, 2016, along with all the schools and kindergartens of „Make Kasisi Golden” project we celebrated International Day of an African Child by the 2nd Final stage of the project.
    Our five-year old girl suffering from cerebral palsy has been through a difficult childhood.
    We have received a long-term co-operation with the pushchairs, which we have been buying for Kasisi  so far. 
    W invite you to come to the 7th edition of Czacki Second Stage festival, which will take place on 17th and 18th June 2016 at Tadeusz Czacki High School in 5 Polna street in Warsaw.