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    There are suprises prepared for you, we'll try to answer all the questions asked in the e-mails and show you all Kasisi places which you haven't seen yet!
    There has never been a fundraiser like this one in the history of Kasisi! We have collected 172 015 PLN over several days!
    We are setting off with the fundraiser towards the new house for children at House of Hope!  
    Some new children, who need to be taken care of, come to Kasisi constantly.
    New children come to Kasisi constantly. The place becomes crowded…
     There’re only two months left to the Great Final on 16th June 2016! Use this time the best you can!
    On 9th March we dined with Szymon at  Restauracjia 3/4 in Warsaw.
    Everyone, who supports the Kasisi Foundation knows these women: Sister Mariola, our twins: Sister Jańcia and Sister Marysia  and senior Sister Jolanta, as well as mummies – Precious the fav
    Kasisi is truly not a Safe House, not a Hospital, but simply Home.   
    Szymon Hołownia has been awarded of "The Witness of Values 2016” reward at the category of Personality.