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    As the New Year has approached some new products have showed up on the Pantry’s shelves: cold meats, different kinds of cheese, specific milk for babies (in composition close to th
    Here is the content of the letters written by Szymon Holownia and Sister Mariola to the Adoptive Guardians including some annual summing and thanksgiving for the kind heart
    It has been a very good year for our childern!
    The EKG machine, financed by Pope Francis was taken up in the House of Hope by mr Chandan, who will service the machine.
     „Make Kasisi Golden” is our specific proposition directed towards the Schools, Pupils, their Parents and Teachers. The action is based upon the two pillars: the first one
    We’ve got a good news. The African Market is on, the shop which has never been before!
    Have you ever thought that doing Christmas shopping online you can pro duce goodness with us?
    Christmas is approaching and children are longing for it!
    From January 2016 the Kasisi Foundation is changing its main office’s place. Due to the change, here is our new postal address: Klarysewska Street 52C, 02-936 Warsaw
    There are two more children, who participate in Adopt with a Heart Project. Here are Judy and Paul, who await your support and smile!