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Sickle Cell Anaemia vs. Dreams – Gift and Support at Kasisi Home

Date added: 17.08.2023

There has always been one dream, the biggest one: to have a lot of friends around. It came true when Gift came to Kasisi. He loves to romp around with the boys on the playground, and whenever he gets the chance, he rushes over to us or the sisters’ home for a hug and to say thank you for where he is. AT HOME.

That’s how Gift is on a daily basis. However, his childhood is interrupted every now and then by successive bouts of sickle cell anaemia. Apart from being life-threatening, the attacks simply cause immense pain. They appear unexpectedly and can completely disengage the boy from life. On Monday there came one of the stronger attacks. We had to take Gift to hospital immediately. He was very weak.

His condition is slowly stabilising, but the boy has suffered a lot. He tells Sister Mariola that he will endure anything, any injection, as long as he returns home as soon as possible.

And so we think that maybe we will all give Gift the strength to fight his illness. We will show how many people are hugging him, praying for him and sending him warm thoughts. That his dream is actually a reality. No matter the distance, we are with our children non-stop, walking with them through every twist and turn in life.

This nasty and congenital disease unfortunately cannot be cured, but we can give Gift a few days free of pain and suffering. Get him back to where he feels most comfortable as soon as possible – HOME. Can you help?

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