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Today, we want to strongly encourage you to take the next step – Adoptions from the Heart

Date added: 23.03.2023

When a child comes to us, we start to rewrite his or her story together with you. And as it is in stories, their protagonists have to face adversity, often on the verge of life and death.

The adversary in Divine’s story was intestinal tuberculosis. It was evident that the boy was fighting, sip after sip bravely swallowing the therapeutic milk and porridge you send him all the time with an immense amount of love.

This struggle for each sip did not mean that the toddler did not feel hungry – Divine was simply in pain. The boy instinctively dreaded the next portions. Spoonful after spoonful, the aunties tried different ways to persuade him to eat, and the sisters did what they could to make sure the TB was cured.

So easy to catch, so difficult to diagnose, TB is almost as deadly in African countries today as it was 150 years ago. We succeeded. Divine’s diagnosis entailed prompt treatment and may have saved the life of the toddler’s dad, who also underwent diagnosis and was found to be ill.

The fight is difficult and long. For a child who arrived extremely malnourished, immunocompromised and anaemic, the standard six months of therapy like in Polish conditions is not enough. But once it is defeated (and who is to win if not us? With your help we can do anything!), the risk of relapse is minimal.

And you know what? WE WON.

Divine came back to us from the hospital this morning from a thorough examination, the TB has been cured!

We want to thank you for giving Divine a hand in this difficult fight. He is brave, we have no doubt, but this story needed the mundane things to end like a real fairy tale. Regular imaging tests, which are not at all easy to come by in Zambia (and cost money). He also needed countless bottles of therapeutic milk, which you regularly provided for the boy.

Today, we want to strongly encourage you to take the next step – Adoptions from the Heart. The size of your monthly support for the boy is entirely your choice, and every penny is another good part of the story.

And if you cannot afford to support a child on a regular basis, thank you for being with us and keeping your fingers crossed for Divine all the time, often taking the time to share his story among your friends. Keep watching the fate of this wonderful boy with us!

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