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Help us to spark the imagination of the youngest

Date added: 09.12.2021

Help us to spark the imagination of the youngest

There was a lot of excitement in Kasisi from the early morning. The children couldn’t wait to board the buses standing in front of the gates and set off towards Lusaka. Today saw the grand opening of an exhibition of our children’s paintings at the Zambia National Museum. This is the culmination of a year and a half of work completed during art workshops with Patrick Mumba, a well-known artist in Zambia.

Today’s event is also one of the most important in Judy’s life. So far often seen by outsiders only through the prism of her shortcomings, now, to the disbelief of many, her work will capture everyone’s attention.

Judy came to Kasisi as a baby of just a few days. She was brought by her uncle shortly after the death of both her parents. It was clear from the start that she was a sensitive child who needed a lot of love and support, which she later gave back in twofold. Especially towards disabled children. Walking with Amanda, who is in a wheelchair, was one of her favorite activities. School for Judy was also a challenge, especially learning to write and read. She needed a lot of support and time, which was not possible in a class with many students. In order to create the best possible environment for her development, the sisters transferred Judy to a special boarding school. Despite all her fears about how she would cope away from home, Judy felt at home there and began to make progress in her studies. She came back to Kasisi for weekends and 1,5 years ago she started to attend the art workshops. It only took the first few classes for Patrick Mumba to notice how much painting potential there was in Judy and that in fact, she was a “rough diamond”. Her drawings, especially those with African motifs, are on a par with many professional artists.

Today we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunities you give our pupils. It is only thanks to you and the sisters that we can develop the children’s passions outside of school. That whenever a child wants to pursue their interests, we can, as parents, create the conditions for them to try. Thanks to you, today Judy is soaring as never before.

We look forward to hearing the sisters’ reports from the exhibition, and in the meantime, we warmly encourage you to support our young artists today. Please donate some painting supplies, so that they never run out of paints and paper to spark their imagination.

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Urgent help needed

Christmas in Kasisi!

Santa Claus never had it easy in Kasisi 😉 Over 230 children live here. Sister Mariola has already rushed to his aid and is quietly preparing presents!

Many of us still leave a free seat at the Christmas Eve table. Let one of our children sit at it this year (at a distance, but very much for real) and invite them to the table today!

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2,750 PLN
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17,000 PLN
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