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Let us persuade you to buy another bowl of porridge

Date added: 02.02.2022

The grains and nuts which auntie Rita is busily mashing will soon make delicious, wholesome porridge for the little ones. This is our real superfood porridge, which the kids devour so heartily that it’s a pleasure to watch! The aunties are the silent superheroes of the Kasisi kitchen, because it is thanks to their hard work (and your support) that all the bowls are full of healthy, unprocessed food.

Thank you for each such bowl, because it is you who often deny yourself coffee, dessert or other small pleasures so that the children in Kasisi can eat a delicious, healthy meal. Such a daily bowl of porridge means much more than just a full belly. It means healthy development for the child, also intellectually, so that he or she can face the daily challenges of school – just like Mercy, for example, who has just started in our Kasisi kindergarten. Full of enthusiasm, she is learning to count, to name body parts and to sing her favourite songs – like the one about five fat sausages.

A keen eye will notice that some still need to be reminded which way to read books, but we appreciate the eagerness to learn!

Just like Mercy, Edward started his education in a nearby school. He came to us a few months ago together with his two brothers. Not so long ago very withdrawn and sad, today Edward is smiling wider every day and you can see that he is gaining more confidence. You will see, in a short while he will be the top student at school.

Shadrick is the only baby who refuses to take an afternoon nap and no auntie can persuade him to lie still. He uses every moment to learn to stand at various handrails and walls and can’t wait to start walking. He has an overwhelming urge to leave the playroom and explore the world. There are few things in the world more beautiful than a child marvelling at discovering the blue of the sky, the colours of the rainbow or the size of the world he is about to become a part of. Shadrick’s enthusiasm reminds us of this every day.

Can we persuade you to give our little explorers another bowl of porridge so that they can not only point their finger at the map, but also discover the world with all their senses? To help them develop healthily and have the strength to learn every day? Visit the pantry and give a child a nshima, maybe a plate of goodies, maybe a basket of vegetables – here every vegetable will be eaten with delight!

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Urgent help needed

Christopher Sakala Fund

We hope that Christopher’s death, which was an unexpected tragic event for the whole Kasisi, will kick off a chain reaction of good. Because of this, we started the Christopher Sakala Fund. With this fund, we support children being treated on the oncological ward at the hospital in Lusaka.

we have:
5,230 PLN
we need:
10,000 PLN
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