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It's high time to talk!

Even the smallest support means a nutritious meal for our residents

Date added: 12.09.2022

It’s high time to talk! And seriously, today we want to dispel the 3 main myths about long-distance adoption that sometimes appear in comments from people who just don’t know us yet. And we’re very keen to make ourselves known!

We hear sometimes:

My material adoption for a small monthly amount has no impact on the child’s welfare.

Even the smallest support of a few zloty a month means a full bowl of morning porridge for Gift, a plate full of vegetables for Kambukani or a new hairpin that makes Amanda feel like the most fashionable girl in the whole Home. Absolutely every penny matters and is like a brick in the Home of Kasisi – it builds the place we all call Home.

Adoption creates dependency on outside help and makes the local community dependent.

We believe – NO – we just know that children are entitled to care and love. Here there is no ‘but’, ‘is it worth it’ or ‘does it deserve it’. A child is a child, no matter where it is from.

What further moves us and motivates us to help the kids in Kasisi is that the children themselves want the good you donate to return to Kasisi. Our medical students openly talk about wanting to return to the Home after their studies to bring medical aid to their hometown. Some of the children become employees of the small House of Hope hospital, some Kasisi alumni become caregivers and cooks. The adoptions are the beginning of a chain of good that enables the whole Kasisi community to grow and become a self-sufficient unit.

The child will never know that I am their adoptive parent.

It only takes one thing – your signed letter to let a child know that on the other side of the world there is someone who thinks warmly of them. Send the child a letter (to our foundation address, we will transport it for you) and, if you wish, enclose a return envelope with your address and stamp. We cannot promise that the child will write back – we always leave that choice to them – but we can promise that they will be delighted with your letter and your name will hold a special place in their heart.

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Urgent help needed

Cots for Kasisi

The metal cots and worn-out mattresses have lulled generations of Kasisi kids to sleep, but are now in desperate need of replacement.

Our dream is to make the babies’ bedrooms look like a truly homely, safe environment that is associated with warmth. Will you help us make this dream a reality?

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