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Luyando 15 y/o

Birthday: 17.07.2006
With Kasisi since: 23.08.2006

Luyando was brought to Kasisi by her father after the girl’s mother died when she was just a few days old. She is sick and requires specialist care. In spite of her health problems, she is a very content girl. Every night when she is given medication, she kisses the sister on the cheek. She is full of energy, happy and outgoing – she can even be a bit boisterous.

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JUNE 2021
She really enjoys helping in the kitchen, especially doing the dishes. She is interested in the world. She is in the third grade and was previously in a class for children with special needs.
JULY 2020
She's in the second grade. She suffered from many health problems last year but is feeling much better now, even though she still has an ear infection. She likes to sing and dance in her free time. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any visitors.
She has overcome her troubled past and grown into an amazing, caring young girl.  
She is doing very well and about to enter the third grade.
JUNE 2016
She is healthy and doing very well. She lives in Martin's House and goes to school.
JUNE 2015
She hasn't been feeling well recently. She's feverish and has lost weight, most likely due to her illness. We are in the process of diagnosing her.
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Fund another semester of university for Eva and James

Eva and James are our medical students – talented, hardworking and grateful for every little support. They know that thanks to you they have been given a life opportunity. Now they can lead their lives as they dreamed of.

Today we ask you to join the fundraiser for the next semester of their studies. Curriculum – not funding – should be the only thing for our children to worry about. Let’s make sure they have a place in the medical world!

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