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An important encounter for Joyce

Date added: 16.04.2022

This encounter deeply touched 12-year-old Joyce (left). She herself had suffered a lot in her short life and, before joining the Kasisi family in 2018, experienced rejection by her adoptive family. When she and the other girls found a frightened little kitten at House of Mercy one day, the painful memories came flooding back. She decided that she would do everything she could to ensure that the helpless creature would not have to experience what she had gone through herself.

Her care exceeded our expectations and those of the cat too. The girl was so enthusiastic about her new duties that she bathed it herself and then wrapped it in a towel just so it wouldn’t catch a cold! Sister Mariola had to intervene, explaining to Joyce that regular bathing of the kitten is not necessary and will bring more stress than good. Since bathing was not an option, Joyce decided to take care of the kitten in another way – she created a cosy bed for it in her room. “To make him feel loved and safe,” she said, arranging the blankets.

This isn’t the first time the girl has shared her heart with those in need. From the moment she came to Kasisi, she has enjoyed looking after the younger children. Considering how warm Joyce is, it is not surprising that the kitten chose her as its foster mum. Of course, being a cat, it does its own thing, but it has settled for good in Joyce’s room, where it can always count on a scratch behind the ears. We can tell from his loud purring that he has already forgiven her for the bath.

We are convinced that good comes around. We are also impressed by the openness with which she shares her time, effort and commitment, whether it’s caring for other children or providing a little corner for a pet she took in. Our Joyce is just like that – good, caring and open to the needs of others. She doesn’t say much about herself, but we know that she needs nothing more than to feel loved. And maybe you will share your heart with Joyce this festive weekend and decide to make her your adoptive daughter? We strongly encourage you to do so.

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