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Christmas came a bit earlier to Kasisi

Date added: 22.12.2021

Take a look at some of the adorable sensory toys you’ve gifted to children through the Fun & Toys shop! Christmas came a bit earlier to Kasisi this year.

The physiotherapy room in Kasisi is slowly getting a new face – the toys you have provided have transformed the room into a space for sensory integration. If it wasn’t for you this would not have been possible! Penny for penny, you patiently supported the creation of a real sensory playroom. There is probably no other place like it in Zambia – just look at the photos and see how we managed to equip Kasisi thanks to your donations.

Check out the cool sensory mat Sekayi is trying out – it allows her to exercise her feet, and the mat provides extra stimulation for the baby to make new neuronal connections. Moses, who has not yet fully recovered from his recent bout of sickle cell anaemia, is playing with sensory balls that enhance his sense of touch. The youngest children also play with them. Sensory balls are a great tool for dealing with stress and minor, unpleasant treatments such as injections or dental procedures. They allow children to redirect their attention to fun activities that soothe their emotions and provide a sense of security. Moses is also delighted with the sensory disc, which helps with posture and strengthens muscles.

Most popular, regardless of age, are the monkey noodles, which help children to develop their fine motor skills. Edward, Anna and Tapiwa can’t stop themselves from creating colourful pictures. They don’t use ready-made ideas, which turn out to be too little of a challenge. The children instantly create their own original creations.

Thank you very much for equipping Kasisi with such wonderful gifts! The toys you donated will be a great help in the children’s development, integrating their senses and accelerating cognitive processes in the smallest children. If you would like to support further development of Kasisi’s sensory integration room, you can check out Shopping for Kasisi.

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