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James’ message best shows how important your support is

Date added: 30.08.2021

“The 3 weeks in Kasisi have gone by so quickly. I still can’t get over how much has changed in the Home since my last visit two years ago,” writes James, a Kasisi alumni and medical student in Poland, who has been on holiday in Zambia for the last few weeks. “So many renovations, improvements and new opportunities for the children! Everywhere I went, so many happy, care-free faces on every corner. My favourite place, where I spent the most time, was of course the small infirmary. Here I had the greatest sense of fulfilment, knowing that now I could at least help a little and give of myself for the Home.

I am so happy to see Kasisi flourishing, because I know what a great opportunity it is for my younger brothers and sisters. It has shaped me, shown me what is most important in life, and here I have also gained the courage to follow my dreams. The time I get to spend at the Home is never enough, but these 3 weeks have given me more energy than I could have imagined. I am leaving to continue my educational journey, with immense pride that Kasisi is my home”, James writes, while waiting for the plane back to Poland.

With the Foundation’s support we want not only to feed our kids, provide them with medical care and a roof over their heads, but also to open their minds and eyes, to inspire them to dream! We want to prove to them that they are not inferior to others just because life brought them to an orphanage! Thanks to the Foundation’s support, we are able to make the dreams of our children come true also in the field of education. We finance schooling for all of them, which in Zambia is not free of charge. With your help we can plan their future without limitations, sending them to the best schools in the country and abroad.

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Urgent help needed

Fund another semester of university for Eva and James

Eva and James are our medical students – talented, hardworking and grateful for every little support. They know that thanks to you they have been given a life opportunity. Now they can lead their lives as they dreamed of.

Today we ask you to join the fundraiser for the next semester of their studies. Curriculum – not funding – should be the only thing for our children to worry about. Let’s make sure they have a place in the medical world!

we have:
14,810 PLN
we need:
50,000 PLN