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Kasisi is a home overflowing with love

Date added: 26.10.2021

You know what is really great about Kasisi? That it is not some kind of care centre for children who have nowhere to go, but a real HOME! And it is not that we have blindly convinced ourselves that this is so. We see it every day in the eyes and behaviour of our children. In the way they take responsibility for their younger brothers and sisters, how they take care of this place.

Elizabeth, who in the first photo is holding little Noami in her arms, has been in Kasisi since her first days. She cares for the babies with the kind of care and love that she herself has experienced here all her life. Misheck and Shadrick are under Anna’s care today. She also has her first memories from Kasisi and tries to make sure that for her younger brothers these first memories are the most wonderful ones.

Rebecca, who is cuddling little Mercy in the third photo, came to Kasisi fourteen years ago, a few days before Christmas Eve. The foster family then gave up custody of the one-year-old child. Two years ago the teenager was placed with another adoptive family, but this time she decided to return to Kasisi herself. This is where she wants to be. This is her home, here she has brothers and sisters with whom she has grown close. Her best memories, self-confidence and dreams of becoming a doctor in the future were born here.

You can be sure that every good thought sent in the direction of Kasisi, every good word, every penny you share to make life better for Kasisi’s children, adds more and more resulting happiness to your balance! You give the children from Kasisi something more than just a roof over their heads – together you create for them a HOME overflowing with love! And they in turn spread to us the joy with which this place is brimming! This is how the good returns.

There is one more important thing that we must tell you today. We cannot allow for there to be a decrease in opportunities for our children to grow. We must not allow for fewer smiles or treated wounds. Lately, however, we have been seeing declines in the funds flowing into our accounts. The constantly rising exchange rate of the dollar, which is approaching the level of 4 PLN, and Facebook, which is cutting off our reach, are not helping either. However, we know that we are not alone. We have you, and with you nothing is impossible.

Share what you can. See for yourselves that GOOD RETURNS!

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Urgent help needed

Fund another semester of university for Eva and James

Eva and James are our medical students – talented, hardworking and grateful for every little support. They know that thanks to you they have been given a life opportunity. Now they can lead their lives as they dreamed of.

Today we ask you to join the fundraiser for the next semester of their studies. Curriculum – not funding – should be the only thing for our children to worry about. Let’s make sure they have a place in the medical world!

we have:
14,930 PLN
we need:
50,000 PLN
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