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Kasisi’s newest resident

Date added: 24.11.2020

Say hello to our newest bundle of joy! – sister Mariola wrote in a recent letter she sent us along with a picture of the precious one-day old newborn, Joshua. A few hours ago, he became the youngest member of the Kasisi family. We are introducing him to you in the hopes that you will open up your hearts to him and extend your love and support through the Adoptions from the Heart program.

Joshua came to Kasisi because his mother is a patient of the oncological ward at the Lusaka hospital. Sister Mariola has been caring for her for the past few months. She met the woman when Christopher, one of our residents, wound up there with leukemia. Following his premature death, we started a fund in his name to honor his memory. She was one of the patients we were able to support through this fund. In addition to her health problems, she has had many personal struggles – she is also homeless. We will continue to support her for as long as needed. For now, she at least no longer has to worry about her son. Tonight, Joshua will lay his head to rest in a cozy, safe room, wrapped in a warm blanket and surrounded by the best care of our loving sisters.

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Urgent help needed

Christmas in Kasisi!

Santa Claus never had it easy in Kasisi 😉 Over 230 children live here. Sister Mariola has already rushed to his aid and is quietly preparing presents!

Many of us still leave a free seat at the Christmas Eve table. Let one of our children sit at it this year (at a distance, but very much for real) and invite them to the table today!

we have:
13,950 PLN
we need:
17,000 PLN
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