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Anyone who hasn’t checked in on Joseph for a while might be surprised

Date added: 15.08.2022

Anyone who hasn’t checked in on Joseph for a while might be surprised – he’s only recently learned to run in the yard and ride a bike, and today he’s already a real, grown-up Kasisi preschooler! In six months’ time, he’ll be starting kindergarten.

Joseph’s love of motoring is unfaltering, and to this day there is no greater car fan in Kasisi. And a climber – woe betide the aunties, as he is really hard to keep an eye on sometimes. Is there an orange tree anywhere within range? Guaranteed Joseph will try his hand at climbing it. Scaffolding or a ladder? You guessed it. You really have to have eyes in the back of your head 馃檪 .

Joseph gets into heated discussions just as quickly and nimbly, so conversations with him can last for hours. We don’t yet know whether his love of discourse will extend to writing, but if we were his adoptive parents, we’d already be getting our pens in shape for writing back to him, as it might not be easy 馃槈 .

Check in on Joseph today and put a little smile on his face. All it takes is a bottle of milk, juice or a plate of kapenta.

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