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Let’s give a little warmth to our residents of Kasisi today

Date added: 09.07.2021

With strong winds and temperatures dropping to levels rarely seen in Zambia, the older children have spent the past few days holed up in their cabins with their textbooks, continuing their studies on their own (schools are still closed). No one ventured outside, except our little ones. Armed with hats and inexhaustible amounts of energy, they didn’t miss a single day at the playground, where the temperature is always very high.

The rehabilitation room has also become warmer thanks to Sister Gertruda, a new resident in the House. She is a trained physiotherapist and although Ingrid, Kasisi’s friend, works miracles with our disabled children, we missed the presence of a specialist on a daily basis. Today Aaron was the first to be taken in by Sister Gertruda. The smile on his face after the session is over makes us think that from now on the boy will be a regular visitor at the physiotherapy room.

And while we are basking in the heat, why not give a little warmth of your own to those in Kassisi by adding some hot calories to the pantry shelves?  A meal for a student? Some chocolate or maybe chicken? A good meal isn’t just about happy kids. It’s also about their health and wellbeing together with ample energy and strength for play and study. With you by our sides we have no fear of the African winter.

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Urgent help needed

Fund another semester of university for Eva and James

Eva and James are our medical students – talented, hardworking and grateful for every little support. They know that thanks to you they have been given a life opportunity. Now they can lead their lives as they dreamed of.

Today we ask you to join the fundraiser for the next semester of their studies. Curriculum – not funding – should be the only thing for our children to worry about. Let’s make sure they have a place in the medical world!

we have:
14,810 PLN
we need:
50,000 PLN