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Meet Edward, Sydney and Joseph

Date added: 02.11.2021

New children continue to find refuge in Kasisi… For the past few days it has been home to three siblings: twins Ewdard and Sydney and their younger brother Joseph.

Watching the calm with which the boys are slowly settling into Kasisi, it is hard to imagine the drama they have lived through up to now. Their homeless grandmother brought them to social services and disappeared. We know nothing about the boys, except that their parents are dead. We do not know where they lived, how long they wandered around with their grandmother, whether they ever had their own home or even their own bed. Even their age is unknown. Documents from social services say the older ones are 7 years old, but they claim to be 11.

The boys still need a few good days to open up. When they feel safe, we will probably find out more about their story. We have seen so many childhood tragedies that we know how much they might have suffered… For the time being, we have launched our social inquiry, maybe we can find the grandmother. One thing is certain: the boys’ place is not on the street.

Now we will try to do what Kasisi does best: give them a childhood and a HOME.

We hope that although just a short while ago the world was unkind to Edward, Sydney and Joseph, today they will find friends among you, thanks to whom they will learn what a beautiful place it can be.

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Urgent help needed

Christopher Sakala Fund

We hope that Christopher’s death, which was an unexpected tragic event for the whole Kasisi, will kick off a chain reaction of good. Because of this, we started the Christopher Sakala Fund. With this fund, we support children being treated on the oncological ward at the hospital in Lusaka.

we have:
5,230 PLN
we need:
10,000 PLN
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