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We send you warm, 30-degree greetings!

Date added: 06.12.2022

This year we had an ambitious goal – to transport almost 100 kilos of your letters, gifts and paper chains. Among them was a lot of cool new stuff for the kids, and as it turns out – you can get in trouble for that.
We decided that it was going to be what it was going to be – and so we flew through 3 airports, happy that since no one had stopped us so far, we had passed the control without any problems.
All the way to Lusaka.
The gentleman checking our luggage looked suspiciously at the scanner, asked to check the first suitcase, and we turned pale at the thought that the kids’ stuff might be taken away from us.
We didn’t know what approach to take – Aga opted for the proven “I don’t speak English”, I mentally arranged the whole discussion and armed myself with the “humanitarian aid” card.
What appeared before the customs officer’s eyes when he opened the suitcase?
Something that made him laugh sincerely, remark “nice stuff” and wish us a pleasant stay – a doll with the likeness of Sister Mariola, which turned out to be a ticket through the Lusaka airport. You can see for yourself, the sister is not worth messing with as she knows everyone here.
As for the dolls – we were strolling around the nursery and noticed that some of the dolls should take a well-deserved retirement.  Maybe you want to give the kids a present for Christmas and treat them to some new dolls or toy cars? If so, take a look at Toys & Fun!
IMPORTANT: I’m sure you’re not all aware that we upload a dozen or so reports each day. If you want to keep up to date, be sure to click on our logo highlighted with a blue circle – it means there is new material!
We send you warm, 30-degree greetings!
Kasia & Aga

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