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This is Dumisani and Sipho, the two biggest “yard” rascals

Date added: 02.01.2023

Do you recognise the smiling boys in the first photo? They are Dumisani and Sipho, two of the biggest ‘yard’ rascals. They came to Kasisi after their mum died. They were just a few days old at the time. In 2015, they were returned to their family, to their grandmother and aunt, who undertook to look after them.

Today the boys are 10 years old, they may have grown up just a BIT, but one thing hasn’t changed – they are still smiling from ear to ear. They visited us together with their grandmother, whom they love more than life.

When the twins came to Kasisi, we were told by Sister Mariola that they were born on 24 March 2012, their mum died at birth, the children had gone through tuberculosis, etc. We didn’t even think about it. It didn’t even occur to us to ask the sister about the gender of the children, after all Dumisani and Sipho sound like female names. For a good year, in the “what’s happening with me?” section of the boys’ profiles, we wrote that the girls were thriving, happy and feeling good in Kasisi. The only thing missing from this description were pictures of Dumisani and Sipho in pretty pink dresses, but after all, it’s not a crime for girls to wear trousers, so it wasn’t surprising either.

Today we all laugh about it, even though it wasn’t much fun at the time. How could you make such a mistake? We had to write to Dumisani and Sipho’s parents that the kids they had adopted long-distance were not girls, but boys.

And how to deal with it now….?

The responses that started pouring in were amazing. Adoptive parents, wrote back saying that of course, the gender was not important and they would love boys as much as girls.

What a joy it was to have such wonderful, understanding adoptive parents who understood that with more than 200 kids to ‘handle’, such a mistake is not difficult at all.

Dumisani and Sipho, it was so good to see you and reminisce. Remember, this is where your HOME will always be. We love you and are always waiting with open arms.

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