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Become Angela’s spiritual or material parent

Date added: 21.03.2022

Are the children with Down’s Syndrome different? Yes, they are unique – just like each child who comes to our Home. That is why today, on World Down Syndrome Day, the children wore unmatched socks to show their support – a symbol of solidarity with, among others, eight-year-old Angela.

Angela was abandoned by her mother, but since then, thanks to the commitment of her adoptive parents, her story has been nothing but a never-ending, positive adventure. And the girl is enjoying life to the full, which has been possible thanks to the constant collaboration with the physiotherapists.

The girl has made huge progress – her concentration, her ability to follow instructions and her co-operation have all improved considerably – and this is paying off, as Angela loves to accompany Amanda on the xylophone. When she wants to feel like a real star herself, she sings or recites rhymes, and in her spare time she draws and creates collages.

She is an artistic soul with a big heart, who needs someone with an equally great heart, ready to send her warm thoughts (even from the other side of the world). A heart which will send her a letter full of support, or maybe donate some physiotherapy equipment so that her mobility increases by at least a little bit every day (every little bit is worth fighting for!), or simply donate a basket full of vitamin-packed goodies so that the girl develops healthily. Everything else, i.e. the love of the sisters, aunties and the other children, understanding, patience and faith in her strength is already here, in her Home.

Thank you for allowing us to envelop the children in this safe, good space, where the number of chromosomes does not stand in the way of fulfilling dreams, and the only differences are among the little ones who argue about their favourite colour of the toy motorbikes. Take a look at Angela on this special day – become a spiritual or material parent, donate some favourite treats, or simply think warmly of her today. And remember to wear different socks!

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