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Alice 21 y/o

Birthday: 08.06.2003
With Kasisi since: 11.10.2004

 Alice came to Kasisi following the death of her mother. Orphanhood is not the only pain she had to face. Born with cerebral palsy, she struggled to walk for a long time. After prolonged and challenging physiotherapy, she began to move, though she still has paralysis on the right side of her body. However, thanks to her immense determination, she does not give up. She is incredibly stubborn and perseveres in her fight against the disease. Despite her limitations, she enjoys physical work and the challenges that household duties present to her. She loves reading. Every task completed is a cause for joy for her.

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She finished seventh grade at a special school. She didn't achieve spectacular results and barely passed. Now, she is going to a course where she will learn to make jewelry, crochet, etc. Alice really enjoys such handicrafts, and we hope she will find fulfillment in it.
JULY 2023
Alice goes to a school where, despite her disability, she is doing very well. She is content with her life. She doesn't expect any form of preferential treatment. She really is a very brave girl!

Despite her partial paralysis, she is very independent. She does not expect anyone to help her every step of the way; she manages everything on her own, both in life and at school.

JULY 2022

She goes to a special school in Lusaka together with Judy, Mapalo and Doris. She comes to Kasisi for weekends and longer holidays. What she enjoys most about school is learning to read and write. In the future she would like to become a teacher.

JUNE 2021
She is in the fifth grade and wants to become an English teacher. She likes taking care of toddlers and she prays a lot.
She is the fifth grade at the special school where they address her needs accordingly. She lives at House of Mercy and has become quite the young lady.
We have managed to get Alice and Mapalo into a school for children with special needs. They will start their education there in January.
JUNE 2016
She continues to go to physiotherapy.
JUNE 2015
This young third grader is very motivated, she never misses any lessons or activities. Daily physical therapy and a special leg brace are helping her walk and giving her the confidence and ability to play games with the other children.
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