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Anastasia 7 y/o

Birthday: 25.04.2015
With Kasisi since: 14.11.2016

Anastasia was brought to us from a neighborhood clinic with the hope that we could save her from dying of starvation. She was so malnourished that it took a long time to nurse her back to health. Today, Anastasia is happy, healthy and all smiles!!

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Anastasia is doing well. She is still in kindergarten. The girl is very independent and cheerful. She is not ill, and it is hard to believe that we are looking at the same child that we saved from death when she came to Kasisi. No one visits her.
JUNE 2021
A born leader. She has a very strong personality, can stand her ground and always achieves her goals. She is in preschool.
She is hitting all her developmental milestones. She is a natural born leader who is always cheerful and optimistic.
MAY 2019
She knows what she wants, a true queen of the household. She is serious when she needs to be but she is also very cheerful. She loves getting her picture taken.
MAY 2017
Anastasia has been eating for two and already weighs more than five kgs! This may not seem like a lot for a two-year-old but what a difference compared to her initial weight. These days, she feels much better. She has lots of energy and a sweet tooth, and enjoys playing with Bella who visits her regularly. We are also treating abscesses that developed at an injection site on her head during her last hospitalization, as well as an allergic reaction she had in response to one of the medications. Her will to live is incredible - despite all the difficulties and health problems she’s been through, some so serious it wasn’t clear whether she would make it, she is alive and well today thanks to sheer determination.
MARCH 2017
Anastasia is still in the hospital. Her weight has gone up to 5.5 kg. This is still not enough for a 2-year-old child, but she hasn’t given up and continues to fight for her life.
More pain for Anastasia… This time, she developed stomach problems and was up all night throwing up and with the runs, which had an immediate impact on her already very low body weight. Doctor Ola examined her and found oozing wounds in her ears so Anastasia is now headed to the hospital for medical tests and another round of antibiotics.
She feels better with each day and smiles more often. It seems like her treatment is showing results.
Anastasia started her tuberculosis treatment, which can take a heavy toll on the body. Her body is very weak even without such a serious treatment so she needs as much support as she can get from all of us. She has been fighting for her life ever since she arrived at Kasisi and continues to put on a brave face.
Our precious Anastasia was just baptised.
Today, all of Kasisi is focused on Anastasia, who is very weak and has been receiving a series of vaccinations over the past few days. We ask that you send your thoughts and prayers and show her the support she needs now. We don’t have any good news just yet, she continues to lose weight and her medication has taken a toll on her frail body. We still have hope, however, that she will make a turn for the better and make a full recovery in time.
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