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Blessing 6 y/o

Birthday: 30.11.2017
With Kasisi since: 13.06.2018

Kasisi has been her home for almost her entire life. She came here with her older sister when she was just a few months old. The girls were abandoned by their mother, who asked their aunt to watch them for a moment and then disappeared without a trace. She never attempted to contact her daughters again. Blessing and Susan love each other deeply and are each other’s greatest support. They always take care of one another.

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She enjoys learning Polish words :) She’s very lovable. She does well in school and is happy that she can attend it. She radiates joy, but recently she has become much more serious.
JULY 2023
She is our Hollywood star! She doesn't go out to the playground without her fly-type sunglasses, which she imperceptibly removes from the noses of the elderly. She adds a few Polish words to her chic look and we have a real LADY strolling around the Kasisi estate ;)

We are very pleased with what a communicative and confident child Blessing has become. She loves to play with her friends. It doesn't matter what, the important thing is that together in a group.

She was on holiday with Nena, a boy who was also raised in Kasisi. The man and his wife, who used to work at Kasisi, take several of our charges on holiday every year. Blessing came back very happy.

JUNE 2022

Blessing is the most loyal fan of the colour blue. She has a strong personality - she's ambitious and really dislikes it when things don't work out for her. Colouring outside the lines is out of the question. And if this does happen and Blessing makes a face of disgruntlement, tickling and cuddling will always make her feel better.  Blessing's best friend is Mable.

She is a lovely girl, has a beautiful smile and likes to cuddle. She likes to play with toy blocks, she builds amazing constructions with them.
JUNE 2021
She has left the babies and moved to Martin's House. She has joined her little sister Susan. She is a happy, smiling and sincere child.
Blessing is growing healthy and strong. She's very creative when playing with her peers.
MAY 2019
When she arrived at Kasisi, she was distrustful and withdrawn. She's since started opening up and is cheerful when surrounded by familiar faces. She has a good appetite and is healthy.
Blessing is healthy and has a good appetite. We still haven't been able to locate her mother. The little girl enjoys spending time with her older sister, Susan.
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