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Blessing 15 y/o

Birthday: 26.07.2008
With Kasisi since: 05.12.2017

Blessing is from a village located near Kasisi. After her mother died when she was just a newborn, she was brought to Kasisi by her grandmother. When Blessing was 2, her grandmother took her back. Unfortunately, she is now dying and Blessing no longer has anyone to take care of her.

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As mentioned earlier, Blessing went to live with her grandmother. We’ll continue to support her, especially in her education, as she is a very smart girl. She did exceptionally well in her exams. We’ll do everything to help her reach her full potential.
JULY 2023
She is in the seventh grade. She will be taking her final exams this year. After these, she will go to live with her grandmother. We will then decide whether she will still receive support from the 'Adoptions from the Heart' project.

She is doing well. She has graduated to the next class. There are no problems with her, neither at school nor at home.

APRIL 2022

Blessing is in the sixth grade. She is a very good pupil. She is a smart girl, sensitive to the harm of others. She is always willing to rush to help and has a good heart.

JUNE 2021
She is in the fifth grade and is doing very well. She joined House of Mercy a few weeks ago. Although still a little shy, you can see that she is slowly opening up. She was on holiday to visit her aunt.
MAY 2019
She's in the third grade and doing well in school. She likes to play house and wants to become a teacher when she grows up.
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The metal cots and worn-out mattresses have lulled generations of Kasisi kids to sleep, but are now in desperate need of replacement.

Our dream is to make the babies’ bedrooms look like a truly homely, safe environment that is associated with warmth. Will you help us make this dream a reality?

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